• TauMark owns the exclusive license of the first and only brain measure of tau protein—the physical evidence of traumatic brain injury, neurodegeneration, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease. TauMark's mission is to  provide better brain diagnostics in living patients—the foundation for treatment, prevention and eventual cure.

TauMark for Prevention and Intervention

After concussions and traumatic brain injury, abnormal tau protein deposits accumulate in brain regions that control memory, thinking, and mood. An FDDNP brain PET scan (licensed exclusively to TauMark) is the only available non-invasive method to measure the distribution and level of brain tau (your “T-Number”).  The goal is to help doctors detect problems early and monitor treatments.

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An Easy and Safe Method

The FDDNP compound (licensed to Taumark) contains a small amount of a rapidly disappearing radiation tag. For the PET scan, about a tablespoon of FDDNP preparation is injected into the patient’s arm vein, allowing the chemical marker to reach the brain. The PET scan measures brain radioactivity accumulation for about 45 minutes, thus pinpointing areas where any tau protein deposits are present.

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Get Started, Get Safe

Please check the website for upcoming announcements on when and where TauMark scans will soon be  available.

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